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A Brief Rush Biography
Rush is a hard/progressive rock band from the Toronto area of Canada. The band has been doing what they do best for about 40 years. Alex Lifeson on guitar, Geddy Lee on bass and vocals and original drummer John Rutsey formed Rush in 1969, recording their first single in 1973. It was a cover of Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away backed with an original tune, You Can't Fight It. Then in 1974, the first full-length album was released, simply titled, Rush. Just as Rush began to gain popularity, John had to leave the band due to medical problems and a lack of interest in touring. Joining on drums and lyric writing was Neil Peart, just in time for their first U.S. tour and their second LP, Fly By Night (1975) soon followed. By their fourth album, 2112 (1976), Rush was gaining popularity all over the world. Around that time Geddy and Alex started incorporating synthesizers into their music, filling in the sound, making a 3-piece band sound like much more. Around 1984, Neil started adding electronic percussion to add even more dimensions in their music. Rush has produced 19 studio albums, 8 live albums, 7 live concert videos, an EP collection of cover tunes called Feedback (2004), along with many compilations. Most of them have gone gold. They've had numerous radio hits including Working Man, Closer To The Heart, The Spirit of Radio, Freewill, Limelight, Tom Sawyer, New World Man, Subdivisions, The Big Money and Time Stand Still. Their latest release is 2012's, Clockwork Angels. They have received many awards and were inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.