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2112 (Shoggoth) (1998)
2112: Overture (Paul Roraback) (1998)
2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx (Benedictum) (2011)
Afterimage (Violet Island) (2003)
Anthem (Yngwie Malmsteen) (1996)
Anthem (George Lynch) (2001)
Anthem (Anthrax) (2013)
Available Light (Wave Mechanics Union) (2008)
Closer To The Heart (Bo Bice) (2008)
Closer To The Heart (Jaymz Bee and The Royal Jelly Orchestra) (1996)
Distant Early Warning (Poverty's No Crime) (2001)
Finding My Way (Michael Schenker) (2008)
Garden Road (Mos Generator) (2007)
I Think I'm Going Bald (Ed Hall) (1995)
Jacob's Ladder (Hermetic Science) (1999)
La Villa Strangiato (Greg Howe) (1999)
Limelight (Spearfish) (2005)
Limelight (Clatter) (2006)
Mystic Rhythms (Creosote) (2012)
Red Sector A (Steel Assassin) (2012)
The Spirit of Radio (Catherine Wheel) (1996)
The Spirit of Radio (Jive Bunny & The Master Mixers) (2000)
The Spirit Of Radio (Rachel Barton) (1998)
The Spirit of Radio (Rosetta Stone) (2000)
The Spirit of Radio (Solomon Grundy) (1991)
The Spirit of Radio (Spur of the Moment) (1999)
The Spirit of Radio (Nektar) (2012)
The Spirit of Radio (Kobra and the Lotus) (2015)
Subdivisions (Groove Daddys) (1995)
Subdivisions (Anita Athavale) (2006)
Subdivisions (Susanna and The Magical Orchestra 3) (2009)
Subdivisions (Omnium Gatherum) (2013)
Tears (Dream Theater) (1995)
Tom Sawyer (The Bad Plus) (2007)
Tom Sawyer (Deadsy) (2002)
Tom Sawyer (deathOrgan) (1997)
Tom Sawyer (Derek Fairbridge) (2007)
Tom Sawyer (The Lost Fingers) (2010)
Tom Sawyer (Mindless Self Indulgence) (2005)
Tom Sawyer (The New Duncan Imperials) (1993)
Tom Sawyer (Rage) (1999)
Tom Sawyer (Remixed by DJ Z-Trip) (1998)
The Trees (Richard Cheese) (2006)
What You're Doing (Skid Row) (1992)
Witch Hunt (Paradigma) (1996)
Witch Hunt (Machine Head) (2011)
Working Man (Anger) (1997)
Working Man (The Liquid Gang) (1998)
Working Man (Suplecs) (2002)
Working Man (Cyril Neville) (2013)
Xanadu (Silver Sun) (1998)


Working Man - A Tribute (1996)

Red Star: A Tribute to Rush (1999)

Exit...Stage Right: The String Quartet Tribute to Rush (2002)

Chamber Maid - A Baroque Tribute To Rush (2004)

The String Quartet Tribute to Rush's 2112 (2005)

Subdivisions - A Tribute (2005)

The Piano Tribute to Rush (2005)

Classical Tribute To Rush (2007)

Run For Cover (2007)

LUSH (2007)

New World Man (2010)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star - Lullaby Versions of Rush (2011)

Sonic Elements - XYZ - A Tribute to Rush (2012)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music of Rush (2012)

Rockabye Baby - Lullaby Renditions of Rush (2013)