Working Man

Working Man - A Tribute
(1996) Magna Carta (MA-9010-2)
Recorded: (1-5&8) at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA by Larry Brewer
(7,10,11) at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA by Steve Fontano
(9) at Bill's Place, North Hollywood, CA by Greg Cathcart
(6) at Soundtek Studio, Campbell, CA by Robert Berry
(12) at Morrisound, Tampa, FL & Advanced Audio Group, Toronto, Canada
(13) at Cairo West Studio by Jeff Brockman,
Shadow Gallery Studio, Easton, PA by Carl Cadden-James,
Studio Sasquatch, Vacaville, CA by Trent Gardner,
Studio RS29, Waalwijk, Netherlands by Gregoor van der Loo
Mixed by Terry Brown at Town Music Studios, Toronto Canada, assisted by David Townson
Cover art by Mitchell Hartman

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Featured Artists
James LaBrie, Mike Portnoy, and John Petrucci of Dream Theater
Sebastian Bach of Skid Row
Jake E. Lee of Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands
Jack Russell of Great White
Michael Romeo and Michael Pinnella of Symphony X
Billy Sheehan and Eric Martin of Mr. Big
Mark Slaughter of Slaughter
George Lynch of Dokken, Lynch Mob
Ray Alder, Jim Matheos, Mark Zonder, and Joey Vera of Fates Warning
Carl Cadden-James, Chris Ingles, Gary Wehrkamp, Brendt Allman, Mike Baker of Shadow Gallery
Trent Gardner of Magellan
Steve Morse of The Dregs, Kansas, Deep Purple
James Murphy of Testament
Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad, Steve Vai
Deen Castronovo of Social Distortion, GZR
Matt Guillory of Dali's Dilemma
Richard Chycki of Winter Rose
Sean Reinert and Sean Malone of Cynic
Marcel Coenen and Gregoor van der Loo of Lemur Voice
Jeff Brockman of Cairo
Stuart Hamm, Brad Kaiser, Robert Berry
Track List
1. Working Man (S. Bach, J.E. Lee, M. Portnoy, B. Sheehan, B. Allman)
2. By-tor and the Snow Dog (J. LaBrie, Portnoy, Sheehan, Lee, Allman)
3. Analog Kid (J. Russell, M. Romeo, M. Pinnella, Portnoy, Sheehan, Allman)
4. The Trees (M. Baker, C. Ingles, G. Wehrkamp, Sheehan, Portnoy, Allman)
5. La Villa Strangiato (S.Morse, Portnoy, Sheehan, Allman, J.Murphy, D.Townson)
6. Mission (E. Martin, B. Kaiser, R. Berry)
7. Anthem (M. Slaughter, G. Lynch, D. Castronovo, Murphy, Hamm)
8. Jacob's Ladder (Bach, J.Petrucci, M.Guillory, Portnoy, Sheehan, Allman)
9. Closer To The Heart (Fates Warning - R. Alder, J. Matheos, M. Zonder, J. Vera)
10. Natural Science (Townsend, Guillory, Castronovo, Murphy, Hamm, Townson)
11. YYZ (Murphy, Guillory, Hamm, Castronovo)
12. Red Barchetta (LaBrie, Morse, R.Chycki, S.Malone, S.Reinert, Murphy, Townson)
13. Freewill (G. van der Loo, M. Coenen, T. Gardner, J. Brockman, C. Cadden-James)

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